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Learning Patience While Exploring WordPress

[dropcap size=dropcap]A[/dropcap]s one might expect, trying to launch a new website/blog that is also serving as you introduction to WordPress actually takes quite a bit of time. While I totally want things to be set up so that I can focus on content creation, I first need to get the infrastructure in place!

I’m getting there. Through a combination of support forums, intuition, and plain old “try it and see what happens,” my familiarity with WordPress and my chosen theme (Ciola) is getting up to speed. Today’s big realization was that I needed to switch my homepage to a “static” page, rather than a posts page to meet my goals. Doing this allows me the level of customization I want there: separating out categories into sections of sliders, etc., as well as solving the SEO issue of the homepage title. I really wanted that page title to be my name, but it was showing as the title of my most recent post instead.

The solution of switching to a static page seems obvious, now that it has dawned on me, and now that I’ve actually implemented it… but it really did take quite a bit of experimentation!

That’s all for today. Honestly, I really am just making up reasons to post at the moment. Partly, this is to get me in the habit of posting, and partly it is simply to get enough content onto the site that I can really play around and see how things work!

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