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Review: Google Analytics Academy

[alert type=alert-yellow ]Certificates are only available for the course “Google Analytics Platform Principles” through March 27, 2014[/alert][dropcap size=dropcap]M[/dropcap]aking data-driven decisions for websites is difficult, particularly for someone like me (history major, environmental studies minor!). Tools like Google Analytics make gathering data incredibly easy to do, but that doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily comprehend that data, or make any useful insights about your website with it. But Google is out to change that…

I’ve recently invested my time in the free Google Analytics Academy. It is a free set of self-paced lessons in how to understand and leverage Google Analytics, straight from the mouth of Justin Cutroni, an “analytics evangelist” at Google itself. I recommend you make the same time investment if you’re involved in any sort of decision-making around a website.

At the time of this writing, there are two courses available:

  1. Digital Analytics Fundamentals
  2. Google Analytics Platform Principles

Each of these courses is geared for beginners, and is structured as series of short (2–11 minute-long) video lessons. A full course could be completed in 3–4 hours, which you could spread across several days or weeks, according to your availability.

To be certain, these courses alone won’t turn you from data pauper to data king, but they are an excellent start. They will certainly give you the confidence you need to start digging in and playing around with your analytics installation.

What’s more, there are still a couple days left (at the time of this writing) for you to earn a certificate of completion for the Platform Principles course. Certificates for that course are available through March 27, 2014, and I’m sure they look terrific on a resume!

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