Learning Javascript with Codecademy

It may seem that the rate at which I have been blogging has slowed. It has.

Between getting sick, a little bit of burnout, stupidly updating something I shouldn’t have updated, trying to work out more, and jumping into learning JavaScript, my blogging has taken a hit.

That being said, I am by no means abandoning ship! You see, my end goal is to learn some important skills/languages/voodoo magic like Javascript and PHP so that I can offer more compelling and dynamic content on this site. For the time being, that means more time spent over at Codecademy, and a little bit less time spent here.

Codecademy is an educational tool for coding that my coworker Dave Herringshaw pointed me to, and I’m super grateful for it! I’m still only just getting into it, but it offers a free way for folks with zero coding experience to begin learning coding languages and markup from PHP, to HTML, to Ruby. I’m working on JavaScript right now. The true joy of it is that you don’t even have to know what any of those languages are to start learning — it is truly for beginners.

Do you know of any other good services for beginners to get their feet wet with programming languages? Add to the comments below.

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