Katie smiles at Hines while sitting near Bubb Lake

Hiking the Vista Trail and Bald Mountain in the Adirondacks

[dropcap size=dropcap]A[/dropcap]t long last, after talking about it seemingly forever, Katie and I packed Hines into the car and took off for the Adirondacks and a weekend of hiking.

While our camping accommodations left plenty to be desired (don’t stay at the place connected with Water Safari in Old Forge… just don’t), our hiking experience was spectacular. On Saturday we started early on the Vista Trail along Fourth Lake, and made a whole day of it — roughly eight or nine hours.

For a bunch of weekend warriors, it was a tough, but doable walk. Ironically, given its name, it provided almost nothing in the way of scenic vistas. We did, however, sit for a few minutes at Bubb Lake on the far end of the trail, and we enjoyed the woodsy atmosphere the whole way. As far as introductions to the Adirondacks go, this weekend was a great success!

We followed up Sunday morning with a quick hike up Bald Mountain, which is a quick, family-friendly trail with a big payoff, as it had great vistas at the top. The fact that it was a short hike gelled well with all of our tired legs!

Unfortunately Bald Mountain photos are on Katie’s camera, which I don’t have at the moment. However, I’ve added a few highlights from the Vista Trail excursion below.


  • Von says:

    Wanted to hike Vista Trail, but disappointed in your comment about no vistas. You mentioned Bubb Lake, so I want to be sure you were also on Vista Trail (as Bubb L is not — is on Bubb and Sis Lakes trail, though they start out together). Did you hike ridge line that parallels Rte 28? http://cnyhiking.com/VistaTrail.htm

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