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Portrait of Jason KammerdienerHi there! I’m Jason Kammerdiener, and I’m the creator of this here blog. Honestly, I created it as a means of playing around with WordPress and keeping my writing skills sharp. The fact that a couple people read what I write is an added, though non-essential benefit!

I try to call things the way I see them, but feel free to disagree with me. In fact, if you do disagree, leave a comment and say so! What good is the Internet if we don’t use it to exchange ideas?

I’m the Lead Information and Digital Architect at Colgate University (which has absolutely nothing to do with this website), a husband, a dog-lover, and an avid Steelers fan.

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Some Q&A

If you could be any animal, what would it be, and why?

A duck! This has been my answer to this question since at least middle school, and it always raises eyebrows. Think about it though. Ducks have all natural modes of transportation open to them: they swim, they walk, and they fly. Sure, their walking isn’t quite graceful, but nobody’s perfect, right? Plus, if I was a duck, I could use my body weight to identify witches.

What was your favorite family vacation?

In an extended irony, my family vacationed at a Canadian fishing lodge the week of every Fourth of July when I grew up. Have no fear though, we still celebrated American Independence (it was actually easier, since we could legally buy fireworks!). Green Shingle Lodge was a terrific place where we did oodles of reading, a ton of fishing (a 5-pound walleye was my most epic catch), fed chipmunks, and ate lodge-cooked meals with the same families who vacationed there at that time every year. It was our slice of heaven. Unfortunately, as the owners grew older, they passed ownership on to their children, who demolished the lodge to build timeshares. Womp, womp. But with time passing, the memories only grow sweeter.

What's the most interesting class you've taken, and why?

Hands down the best class I’ve taken was my first-year seminar at Colgate, the Advent of the Atomic Bomb, taught by Karen Harpp. It was an incredible fusion of basic atomic bomb science, history, sociology, and culture. Not only did we cover the bomb’s science and timeline, we covered the cultural and ethical elements of the decision to use the bomb. We analyzed war propaganda; discussed a variety of nuclear-related films in an online forum with alumni spanning generations; saw crazy classroom demos; visited the Enola Gay in Washington, DC; and I even got to travel to Hiroshima and Nagasaki with Karen in an extension of the course the following year. Couldn’t have been more informative, meaningful, and downright awesome!